2009 – A Year of Growth

I have toyed around with the idea of starting a personal blog for quite some time but never took the time to do it. I was a big part of launching my company’s blog over three years ago and never really thought to start my own. But now with the new year I thought what a better time than now to start one.

I’ve always loved meeting new people, which is why I chose to go into PR over 10 years ago. Back then working for a New York PR agency meant only building relationships with the media. Sure I worked closely with my clients but their goal was to get media coverage, not to build relationships with their stakeholders, which includes a lot more than just the media. I have found through my 10+ years that the media can only do so much. Sure they can certainly help to get your name out there but if you have a bad repoire with your internal team (employees), or the community you work in and with, good media coverage can only do so much.

I’ve learned from some of my new friends that PR is not public relations it’s Personal Relationships, which is why I love social media. I can have mentors that I’ve never even met. I can have mentors that live over 1,000 miles away. I can have mentors who don’t even know who I am. These are just a couple of those mentors:  Chris BroganAnn HandleyPeter Shankman,  Shannon Paul,  Mack Collier , PRSarah Evans (and the list could go on and on).

Chris Brogan offered up a great excercise to start the new year.  He said to “Look for three words that will help you frame your challenges and opportunities for 2009.” Here are my words to live by this year:

1) Knowledge – I’ve always said Knowledge is Power and I love to learn new things. This year I will continue to seek out ways/things to learn. I will also share my knowledge with others in any way that I can.

2) Build – As I gain knowledge I will build myself. But most importantly, I will build up those around me. Becoming a first-time mommie in 2009 I will build a solid foundation for my new little family!

3) Inspire – I will look for inspiration in all things and experiences. I will then seek to inspire those around me.

What are your three words?


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